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Treinta : The End

I decided to wait a little to do the last day of this challenge. Partly because I wanted to wait for a really pretty picture. Partly so that I had time to think about what I wanted to say. So, here’s Day 30 of the…
Day 30: A picture of yourself this day and 3 good things that happened since you started the challenge.

Time really does fly and I honestly didn’t realise how fast 30 days would go by. In some ways, everything’s just stayed the same. I am still me, I still feel the way I felt about most of the things in life. So what has changed?
– I’m so much more excited about the idea of travelling. I’ve always loved exploring new places and meeting interesting people. So over the past month, I got my passport finally renewed and managed to make plans to go to Kuching, Singapore, Bangkok, Pattaya and Perth for holidays this year. And we’re planning for more trips.
– I’ve found an awesome group of friends and our friendship’s grown much closer over the past month. Also new, an actual travelling buddy. One that loves travelling and exploring probably as much as I do. Not just someone who says, “Hey, let’s go somewhere on a holiday” then never gets to planning anything.
– I have also learnt more about myself than I have in the past. But that’s been going on since almost exactly the new year. I’ve actually felt a change in my personality and beliefs that it’s sometimes scary. But that’s evolution or something, and everyone goes through many phases in their lives where they feel a huge change, don’t they?
I feel like I’ve been closer to the top of the world over the past few months compared to any other point in my past. That’s gotta be a good thing, or at least an indication that I’m heading in the right path right? So, look out world. Coz here I come!
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Veintinueve : Wishes?

Day 29: 3 Wishes.

Honestly, I don’t really believe in making wishes. Not when I blow out the candle on my birthday cake. Not when I see a shooting star. And we all know that genies in bottles/lamps don’t even exist. So does listing it down here really matter when I know that there’s probably no possibility of it actually happening? Well, not because I wished it to happen anyways.
What I do believe in, is hard work, a strong will and perseverance. Setting a goal and working towards it. Nothing good comes easy. And easy things are never actually worth it.
So, no wishes. But my list of goals are here.

Veintiocho : Stress

Day 28: Something that stresses you out.
I am somewhat a very OCD person when it comes to certain things. Making plans is one of those things. I am more often then person calling everyone else to confirm details then the other way around. Making these plans, stress me out. Having plans cancelled last minute stresses me out too. I think it’s just the planning thing in general. FriendA calls me and tells me what he/she wants to do, then I call FriendB to confirm. Then FriendB wants to do something else and I have to let FriendA know, and then re-plan things, and then call FriendB to let him/her know. Imagine a situation involving more than just a few people. It can get really stressful. I guess that’s why I’m trying not to make any major plans right now. Try to just go with the flow for a while.
But somehow I doubt how affective that would be. Chilling too much stresses me out too -_-“

Veintisiete : Penang

Day 27: Original Photo of the city you live in.

Photo credit :
No, those aren’t shots that I took.
But yes, that is beautiful, wonderful Penang.
It is for the majority of time, the city I live in.

Veintiseis : The Dream

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding.

Haha. I’m thinking the majority of girls have this question figured out by the time they hit 16. Having worked in the wedding planning field before, I have a rough idea of what perfect would be to me.

Gazebo by the beach. Silk organza dress dyed pink on the bottom.

Bouquet of pink and white flowers. And a 4 tier cake.

Other dress options. Depending on who I marry? Lol.

I could make this entry go on for pages if I wanted to. Bridesmaid dresses. Wedding rings. Theme for the reception. Food I want. People I’d love to have there. The kind of music I’d like to have. The first song we dance to. But I’ll just keep that for next time. You know, an entry of me getting married. When I actually get married.