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Only tears
As I press the blade

Against my pale skin

The blood flows
From the wounds
Echoing my inner pain

As I feel the knife
Slicing into me
I deserve that pain

As I realize what I’ve done
I feel accomplishment
As I gaze at the marks upon my skin

People are horrified
They don’t understand why
And neither do I


What is Love?

What is love, but an emotion,
So strong and so pure,
That nurtured and shared with another
All tests it will endure?

What is love, but a force
To bring the mighty low,
With the strength to shame the mountains
And halt time’s ceaseless flow?

What is love, but a triumph,
A glorious goal attained,
The union of two souls, two hearts
A bond the angels have ordained?

What is love, but a champion,
To cast the tyrant from his throne,
And raise the flag of truth and peace,
And fear of death overthrow?

What is love, but a beacon,
To guide the wayward heart,
A blazing light upon the shoals
That dash cherished dreams apart?

And what is love, but forever,
Eternal and sincere,
A flame that through wax and wane
Will outlive life’s brief years?

So I’ll tell it on the mountaintops,
In all places high and low,
That my love for you is my reason to be,
And will never break or bow.

Happy Birthday Baby

Happy birthday baby
This month makes a year
You’d have presents and a cake
If I’d kept you my dear

You’d be talking and laughing
And have games to play
But instead you’re in heaven
So I just want to say

I love you my angel,
With all of my heart
And I wish we were together
Instead of apart

I imagine your face
And the colour of your hair,
I’d love nothing more than to see you
And tell you that I care

I hope that you forgive me
You should’ve had the chance to grow
I miss you and I love you
I just hope that you know


My life is now my delusion,
A world made of fantasies.
Happiness is no longer the illusion,
My life is my new disease.

No longer waiting to see what happens,
No more waiting on fate.
I will decide where it all ends,
I will show you all my hate.

You claim to be full of anger,
You spread nothing but lies.
Your time in my mind is in danger,
For you are whom I truly despise.

The look in your eyes is hard to handle,
It’s almost something to be feared.
Is this true or just another scandal?
Where is your face–just mine I see mirrored.

Only the dead can come back to life
But why does the living feel so dead inside?