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we finally have a desktop after both laptops dying. it’s been a long almost 3 months and i’ve been frustrated to the point of insanity at not being able to just sit here and write. but i find it impossible to just write for the sake of writing now, so i guess i’ll have to wait for the flow to return.

gosh does it feel great to be typing on a keyboard again!


my cousin is visiting this week. so we went to visit another cousin. we’re all so far apart that we hardly see each other at all. but it’s beautiful how the love is still there. how it still feels like family. distance makes no dent in love.


i also painted my guitar. i love how it looks, but i don’t feel it’s complete yet. couldn’t leave the strings off for too long though, because i missed playing it almost instantly. so i guess i’ll have to pain it in stages.


Untitled-1today, i feel i came back in full swing. functional, multitasking, active me. i did laundry, cut the grass, tidied up the house, finished a project and made some money, cooked, changed all the sheets and sorted out the laundry. all by 10pm.

which makes me really think that the cloud of doom and gloom has lifted.

but just in case it decides to return, i’m documenting the good days for myself as a reminder that everything is and will be okay.

i really like being functional. being pregnant was tiring. having to nap or feel like collapsing by (not even) the end of the night. i would love to be pregnant again anytime, but for now i’ll try to enjoy this as much as i can.

Spring Cleaning

Well, not really. The family house that all the junk I’ve collected over the years is stored in, was sold to new owners and my grandmother told me that they might have to find somewhere else to stay, so I’d have to get rid of my stuff. After sorting through everything, I read the new landlord’s agreement and found out that shifting won’t be necessary. 
Being the stubborn and sentimental person I am, I’ve barely allowed myself to throw clothes out in the past. I merely stuffed them into baskets/boxes and put them aside. Don’t know why I ever thought that was a solution when I’d have to sort through it eventually. Maybe I thought the house would just be here forever and I could leave it there to collect dust til the end of time. 
I guess I decided it finally was time to stop avoiding the inevitable and sort them into piles. Some pieces were just harder to say goodbye to. 
Like the tshirt I wore on the day that I lost my virginity. 

So I took a shitload of photos! 
Coz that way I get to be delusional and tell myself I didn’t completely throw em away.

Favourite cut-up boyfriend tshirt (something I do all the time) and superfavourite jeans that became superfavourite shorts. I think the damage itself shows how much I loved it.

An assortment of tshirts collected all through my school and working years. In any other situation, I’d hold on to these just because they’re all in proper condition and more importantly, irreplaceable. But I move way too much and I simply don’t have the extra space in my luggage to take these along. 

Piles on the left are my efforts in trying to be charitable by donating clothes to other people who might appreciate it. And the huge mountain of clothes on the right is shit I’m throwing away. I can’t believe I ever thought there was a point in holding on to clothes I already felt the need to put away back then. 

From now on, I’m going through my clothes at least once a year and getting rid of shit I don’t need. Having a little extra closet space is always good because that’s the best time to go out shopping again.

Everyone should know how important photos are to me by now.
Lost my camera 2 weeks ago and that nearly broke my heart.
But I got a new one today. Yay!

Taken with the new camera, obviously.